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In our country (Sierra Leone), thousands of the child population have no access to education and health facilities. It is because of the 11 years of brutal civil war that destroyed many of the schools and health facilities. In addition, most of these children have lost their parents during the war and are therefore left with no proper care.

It is therefore not too late to help these suffering children begin a life that will prepare them as future leaders of Sierra Leone. It was in view of these problems the entire population of Sierra Leone is faced with that led to the formation of the Sierra Leone organization Helmond (The Netherlands) to give these children a second chance to build a future for themselves and the entire population. This we intend to do through a charity organization where in we can help cater for the educational and health needs for these under privileged children. HelpSierraLeone is therefore a charity wing of the Sierra Leone organization Helmond.

Our History

Sierra Leone Organization was established against the negative effect of the Civil war in Sierra Leone and the desire of Sierra Leoneans in Helmond City in The Netherlands to unite, integrate and developed initiatives that will be geared towards helping underprivileged communities especially children in Sierra Leone.

Our Vision

Our vision is build a strong and united community of Sierra Leoneans that will make a positive contribution to both the Netherlands and in Sierra Leone.

Our Achievements

We have succeeded in organizing and building a strong community with the City of Helmond and wide Dutch society especially working with the Sierra Leone Central Union – Netherlands, which is the umbrella organization of Sierra Leoneans in the Country.

Our Upcoming Annual Social Event - Saturday August, 2018

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Pre Event Meeting

Announcement Members of Sierra Leone Organization Helmond are hereby invite to a very urgent meeting scheduled to take the weekend before are annual event..